We want your stay at Turner Falls Park to be a safe and pleasant one.


Winter  7:00AM–6:00PM • Summer 6:00AM–8:30PM

After Hours Check-In

Winter Check-in Closes at 10:00PM • Summer Check-in 24hrs

Box Office Hours

Winter  7:00AM–10:00PM • Summer 24HRS

  1. Honey Creek is subject to flooding at any time during a heavy rainfall. A warning system will be activated when there is a danger of flooding. Park officials will make every effort to warn campers to move to high ground when deemed necessary. Please follow instructions and DO NOT cross barricades or attempt to pass through high water.

  2. Climbing on rocks and cliffs is prohibited.

  3. Turner Falls is within the municipal limits of the City of Davis and all state and city ordinances will be enforced.

  4. Maximum speed limit is 20mph inside the park.

  5. Beer and other alcoholic beverages are permitted in your camp site or picnic area only.

  6. Except for firearms carried pursuant to the Oklahoma Self-Defense Act. Firearms are not permitted inside Turner Falls Park (Including Air Rifles, BB guns, or fireworks).

  7. Off-road vehicles are not allowed inside the park.

  8. Water and electricity are not available at tent sites.

  9. Swim at your own risk. NO SWIMMING AFTER DARK!

  10. For the convenience of our guests please turn off all radios, TVs, and generators at 10 PM. These can be turned back on at 8am.

  11. In order to keep our natural beauty, cutting the trees or shrubs is prohibited.

  12. No pets allowed.

  13. Please use our footbridges as low water crossings are slick and dangerous.

  14. Turner Falls Park is NOT responsible for lost or stolen items.

In case of an emergency - Dial 911

Use caution when walking in streams because of slick surfaces!